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Church Opening Times

Bentham Parish Church - 10am-4pm every day

Burton in Lonsdale, All Saints - weekends 9am-9pm. 

Thornton in Lonsdale, St Oswald's - 10am-5pm Wednesday to Saturday during BST. 

Ingleton, St Mary's - 10am-4pm every day

Chapel-le-Dale, St Leonard's - 10am-4pm every day 

Our Heritage

Our churches have many items of unique heritage to discover. Here is a preview of some of what there is, but the best way to find out more is to drop in. Many of our churches are open in the daytime, and you can find details at the bottom of the page or on our visit churches page here. Alternatively for more details click the links to our communities above. 

Bentham - The Church of St John the Baptist is one of the oldest churches of the team, next door to the site of the former Bentham Grammar School. Strong links existed with the school and recently one of its headmasters was remembered with a special exhibition. Reverend Theodore Bailey Hardy was headmaster at the school and then a chaplain who was decorated with the Victoria Cross in the First World War. He was awarded the medal for bravery in action saving wounded soldiers. 

Burton in Lonsdale - All Saint's is a grand church with a spire that dominates the surrounding landscape. The area was famous for its pottery industry and the church holds a fine collection. Contact us to arrange a viewing. 

Chapel-le-Dale - St Leonard's is one of the nation's smallest churches but is justly famous for its connection with the building of the renowned Ribblehead viaduct. Many of the navvies who died helping to build the bridge are buried in the churchyard. A plaque to their memory is inside the church. 

Ingleton - St Mary's is an iconic feature of the landscape of Ingleton village. It claims the inspiration for the name of fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. The Sherlock family inlcuded one vicar of Ingleton and the architect who redesigned the church in 1886. Arthur Conan Doyle's had family connections in the village who helped to raise the funds for the lectern still present in church. 

Thornton in Lonsdale - St Oswald's Church is the parish church of Conan Doyle and his closest family who lived in the hamlet of Masongill within the parish. The church was rebuilt in the early 20th century and is a fine example of a dale's country church rooted in the local community and their stories. 

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