Rosemary's Story

When faced with a life and death situation and your spirit and soul are in deep crisis and exhaustion and you just want to be free from life’s troubles what would you do next? You could pray. What or who to, that would depend on you. I prayed to God and to his Son Jesus Christ who I believed would hear my heartfelt and sorrowful prayer. What happened next saved my life and created a new beginning to which I am eternally grateful for the chance to be me. Creative, thoughtful, forgetful and loving. Relaxing outdoors in my wellingtons and enjoying nature all around!

I try to make every new day count since my heartfelt prayer to God for a second chance to live a better life. 

Now I pray daily for help to serve a living God and his son with a life which honours their teachings for the care of creation with hope, love and charity. You may find me busy with projects in my community or spending time with my family.  My life was saved and my debt to the living God and his son is immeasurable. My daily prayer is simply, “Thank you”.  My story is one of hope for our lives to be lived to their fullest with a very present God and his Son Jesus Christ and the hope for an everlasting life in Heaven.