Pop Up Pantries

"Give what you can, take what you need." 

The Pop Up Pantries run in Bentham and Ingleton. They are food sharing resources for the whole community. Come in and swap items, or pick things up for free, no questions asked. If you have to isolate at home or cannot get out for another reason, contact us by email or on facebook and we will make sure something gets to you. If you just fancy a chat, then come along and have a brew with us. A warm welcome awaits you! 

Opening Times: 

Bentham - Wednesdays 10am-12noon at Bentham Methodist Church (NOTE NEW VENUE)

Ingleton - Saturdays 10am-12noon at St Mary's Church, Ingleton



May 2020 The Craven Herald Highlighted the Pop up Pantry
with an article showing the Rev Anne as the Salt of the Earth